kleine wand 2022 - Chalo Schwaiger

The person filming themselves. The person standing straight in front of a wall.

 - on one side - 
1 black wall with 3 screens attached
3 videos playing simultaneously 
3 headphones with 2m cables each
3 plants in glasses

- on the opposite side -

1 projection screen (235cm/112cm)
1 video projected from the back
1 speaker playing the sound of the video
12 stacked chairs partially in front of the screen 

- in between - 

1 person reading a text & talking about their works 

- The person filming themselves. -

presentation happening: 22/06/2022 reflection: 30/11/2022

they showed a beginning - more a continuation
they showed a lot of themselves

they wanted control over what they showed you 
control over your impression 
they controlled your impression 
they let you in on their reality 
they brought you in their bathroom 
let you watch them in intimate moments 
private moments 
they created boundaries
you came close to them 
they decided how close 
they wanted to decide 
they didn't want you too close 
they showed a lot 

they think your impression is guided by your own reality
what you see in them is directly connected to you 
your idea of reality


- The person standing straight in front of a wall. -